The Apocalypse Blues Revival

The Apocalypse Blues Revival was formed in 2018 by Shannon Larkin (drums), Tony Rombola (guitar), and Brian Carpenter (bass). Shannon and Tony have played together for over 17 years and counting in the seminal rock band Godsmack, and the idea came to start a blues band simply for their love of playing the blues (and the whole blues genre), as well as the immediate chemistry they shared in writing original blues songs together. They discovered Brian in the Southwest Florida music scene where they live, asked him to jam, and then immediately asked him to join them on a mission which, after enlisting Ray Cerbone on vocals, became Blue Cross. They played, performed, and wrote the blues for nearly six years before signing a deal and releasing two albums for Provogue Records under the name The Apocalypse Blues Revue.

The band evolved its mostly traditional sound from the debut album to the second release, “The Shape Of Blues To Come”, and after writing a batch of six new songs, Shannon, Tony and Brian realized they had a unique and different vibe which called for a voice that would stand out stylistically and be more suited to the fresh sound they had discovered in the new writing sessions. So, they put The Revue on hold and tried out a new singer, Shane Hall (who sang for another project that Shannon and Tony were doing on the side for fun) and the four of them realized that the chemistry was there, and Shane’s voice fit new incarnation of The Apocalypse Blues perfectly.

The band never auditioned another singer…The Revival was born. The Apocalypse Blues Revival is currently writing and recording new songs for their debut release in 2020.

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