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June 13, 2019 - slarkin13


Here is the first song that we chose to lay out there for you all to hear, “Can’t Win For Losing”. We had five songs that we demoed with Shane and of the five, this one had the most “Apocalyptic” sound (Tone’s RIFF!) that we felt was in the pocket and aligned us with the earlier work yet showed a grittier, more blues rock sound with a couple spots for Shane to really show his personality. It’s a pretty obvious blues lyric with the underlying story being of heartache stemming from a relationship that is crumbling, the confusion, paranoia, and self blame that one feels when having to decide what is more important – music or love – and the feeling of going insane when forced to choose. The dilemma is never solved in the song… and so “I’ll keep on playin’ this sweet old song to set me free…”

Play loud, headphones recommended, and let us know how it makes you feel…

Shannon “Apocalypse” Larkin